Securing a good electricity or gas contract is just the first step.

The price is important but there’s more to do to ensure you keep your energy costs under control. Every day we help clients reduce the amount of energy they use and save money, manage their energy contracts effectively, and handle specific tasks like securing new connections or upgrades and getting lines and poles moved and wayleave issues sorted.  
Pretty much anything you can think of, we can handle – and ensure that you end up with the best solution for your site at the most cost effective price.
What to do next:

Call 024 7669 8899 for an initial conversation with the team about how we can help. Alternatively you can contact us via email at

Connections Planning

How to get exactly the connection you need on time, at the best price

Wayleaves and Easements

How to reduce the cost and hassle of moving a pole or line on your land

Metering and Billing

How to achieve accurate and timely sub metering and rebilling

On-site Audits

Use less energy and save money with an on-site energy efficiency audit

Energy Account Management

Get all your energy needs taken care of
Any questions drop us a message
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